Information and legal support in obtaining a permit for the construction of industrial facilities

Information and legal support in obtaining a permit for the construction of industrial facilities

The legal basis for the construction of any industrial facilities is the permission documentation. Prior to the construction, it is necessary to obtain official permits that will confirm the project’s compliance with the requirements of the town-planning solution plan, the permissibility of erecting the facility in a specific location. Otherwise, the violator is threatened with administrative or even criminal liability.

Why you need the help of specialists

Obtaining state permits is a troublesome and time-consuming procedure. Without the relevant knowledge, experience in preparing documentation and a competent analysis of situations, there is a high risk of failure. The company “Montec Engineering” provides qualified information and legal support in the preparation of documentation and obtaining permits for the construction of industrial facilities. Experts of the company have an impressive experience of designing and technical support of industrial facilities of various complexity and application. They can provide for the occurrence of force majeure situations and find the right decision in time.

Our goal is to effectively solve the clients’ problems and ensure reliable operation of the facilities. Therefore, we guarantee compliance with the deadlines for preparing and submitting documentation for obtaining permits. Experience in this area contributes to the rapid receipt of a positive decision by state licensing authorities and the start of construction of an industrial facility.

The procedure for obtaining permission

The service of information and legal support implies assistance in the:

  • preparation of documentation (development or receipt of documents in relevant institutions);
  • application of documents to executive organizations;
  • maintenance and monitoring of the status of design documentation during the passage through the institutions.

Package of required documents

Company that designs and installs an industrial facility must file an application for permission. The set of accompanying documents includes:

  • town-planning solution plan of the building site;
  • approved design documentation taking into account the specific urban situation;
  • permission to deviate from the limit parameters;
  • copies of documents that confirm the ownership or use of the site;
  • license data of the company that carries out the construction;
  • expert opinions, which confirm the compliance of the project with construction and sanitary norms and rules;
  • consent of the co-owners of the site or industrial site.