Author’s supervision and quality control in the local production of equipment and metal structures

Author’s supervision and quality control in the local production of equipment and metal structures

According to experts, in 8 out of 10 cases, the causes of defects in construction sites and industrial equipment are violations and deviations from the design documentation.

We are interested in high quality of performance of works on production and installation of equipment and metal structures, observance of terms of project realization. Therefore we offer the service of author supervision (AS) within the framework of the current state legislation of the country in which the project is being implemented.

Strictly under the project

Having signed a contract for the conduct of the author’s supervision, the customer receives a guarantee of manufacturing and launching the facility in exactly the same way as the “Montec Engineering” company’s designers conceived, and can be confident in the safe operation of equipment and metal structures.

The author’s supervision of the project implementation ensures control over all stages of production of metal structures and equipment, compliance with the design documentation approved by the customer, technological and construction standards (GOSTs) and requirements. The control includes checking the conformity of the supplied materials, the correct manufacturing of the elements, the installation and testing of industrial equipment and metal structures.


The working group, which carries out the author’s supervision, travels to the sites on a scheduled basis and on the call of the customer or the general contractor. If unforeseen situations arise, the authors-developers will make the necessary adjustments or changes taking into account the design decisions without disrupting their interrelation. If minor deviations are detected, the problem can be solved by specialists directly on the site.

AS tasks

The program of author’s supervision depending on the terms of the contract may include:

  • Scheduled and unscheduled visits to the site according to a preliminary agreed schedule for the control of preparatory works, production processes and installation for compliance with design decisions, construction and production norms, and rules, the requirements of state legislation;
  • Identification of deviations and violations, preparation of recommendations for their elimination with logging of author’s supervision, as well as monitoring of implementation;
  • Survey of hidden works;
  • Informational support for the contractor and the customer regarding design documentation, features of the performance of all types of works, quality and characteristics of the supplied materials;
  • Preparation of clarifications and adjustments to the project documentation, if there was such a need for the implementation of project solutions;
  • Control of certain types of work for compliance with design specifications;
  • Verification of the complete installation of the facility, participation in testing and commissioning.