Basic engineering and 3D-design of industrial facilities

Basic engineering and 3D-design of industrial facilities

Basic engineering consists of several obligatory stages, during which process calculations and 3D-design of industrial facilities are performed, which predetermine specific parameters of the equipment. Each new project receives an individual solution that meets the stated requirements and financial capabilities of our customers. We pay special attention to the details that have a decisive influence on the success of the assigned tasks.

The basic engineering stage includes:

  • Detailed study of the object;
  • Carrying out preliminary calculations;
  • Selection of technological equipment;
  • Preparation of basic documentation;
  • Development of the concept and configuration of facilities;
  • Formation of common construction documentation;
  • Selection of official dealers and equipment suppliers;
  • Development of quality control and safety procedures.

The design of industrial facilities is performed using advanced 3D technologies, in an intuitive working environment. Our experts focus on the characteristics of individual parts to improve the digital prototypes that are used to test the functionality of products. Thus, the deadlines for the performance of work and the total cost of the project are decreased.

As a result of the basic engineering you receive design documentation that contains layout, diagrams, drawings, equipment specifications and preliminary financial calculations. Each point passes the stage of coordination with the higher inspection bodies. We take the whole impact on ourselves, covering your weaknesses.

The company “Montec Engineering” cooperates with the largest industrial enterprises of Russia, Ukraine and Germany. Our specialists are highly qualified, which allows us to apply modern technological solutions with high efficiency. We provide technical and information-legal customer support. If you have any questions, just contact us! You will receive a free consultation on any matter related to the activities of our company.