We are working to ensure favorable conditions for the implementation of industrial projects. Preparation of the correct documentation, competent design, professional vision of the solution of complex engineering tasks, quite normal requirements for achieving general progress and realizing human and industrial potentials. We stand for quality, safety and trust, so you can be assured of our work. 

Initially, we started as a company focused on the domestic Ukrainian market. But practice has shown that our experience and knowledge can be useful for solving problems in other countries. The location of business no longer has the power that could have been a decade ago. The boundaries of business are blurred, including in our engineering sector. Thanks to cooperation with industrial companies from different countries, we were able to establish mutually advantageous relations among them, from which all sides win without exception. 


7 years of impeccable experience

For 7 years our company managed to reach the international level due to the successful experience.

Professional service

Our principle is that the high, professional level of service of our customers should not be inferior to the quality of our company’s end products. 

Liberal pricing

We understand that the pricing of our services should be competitive, and should also be clearly correlated with the capabilities of our customers.

Technical and legal support

We provide both technical support for the implementation of projects and information and legal support in obtaining a construction permit. 

Main directions of our activity

We are a team of professional and skilled experts in all domestic spheres. We offer a wide range of services and at the same time we are always glad to help you with any unconventional household needs:

  • Basic engineering and 3D-designing of industrial installations
  • Detailed engineering of gas ducts, material ducts and fluid slides
  • Drawings adaptation, selection and agreeing of materials during transfer from DIN to GOST
  • Field supervision and quality control of local manufacture of equipment and steel structures
  • Technical support of the projects
  • Technical assistance in maintenance of complicated process equipment, supervision and commissioning services
  • Technical assistance in fulfillment of automation projects with local suppliers
  • Information and legal support in receiving of building permits for building of industrial objects